Version 2.80 file error corrected

Sorry to have to post this.  In the version 2.80 that I posted to the website earlier there was a "programmed error" for testing purposes  that I forgot to remove when I made the final compiled version for release.

The "programmed error" prevented the program from "keeping" the PRO Activation settings and requiring a reset every time you started EP.exe.  This error has been fixed and the program will retain the settings.  The links in the prior post take you to the corrected version so simply follow the instructions in that posting to get the most up to date version.

For those downloading directly from our website and wish to confirm the authenticity of the files the current MD5 hashes are as follows:

EP.exe  MD5 = "66a94ce6bb5d1c2bcb67c071b1b7febf"

epInstaller.exe MD5="092c5d0e8b07fa72131e2c9dfe6aa50c"

For those interested I use the MD5 Context Menu application from Bullzip.  You can find the program here

This company also makes the excellent PDF Print Drive BullZipPDF that I use.

I do not think any, if many, people got a hold of the bad download.  If you did I sincerely, apologize for the inconvienence that this error on my part might have caused you.

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