I have sold enough copies and have had enough support request that it is finally time to start more formalization of communications.

I am starting a newsletter that will come out every so often...once every other month, once a quarter, monthly, whatever needs to be done to support you the end user of Envelope Printer.

Individuals who have purchased the PRO version, contact me for support in the past or made a donation to me are automatically signed up (provided I have a good email address on file).

If you are a Standard version user and want to receive the newsletter by all means subscribe using any of the links on any page located under Newsletter in the left hand column.

In the future we will add an archive of past newsletters.


Version 2.55

I have released an update to version 2.55.

To get the update follow these steps:
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Christmas Envelopes

With the Christmas Holiday just right around the corner I am sure many people are preparing to send out their Christmas cards.

Envelope Printer v2.50 can handle this.  However, you will have to experiment to figure out the correct settings for the Vertical and Horizontal placement of the addresses.  The Return address should be alright in location 0,0.  The To address will be the one you need to play with. Read More


The copy/paste functions in the edit menu and toolbar are nothing more than links to the standard Windows copy/paste functions. 

These functions DO NOT Read More

International Version updated v1.75

Version 1.75 of the International Non-US Domestic mailing Envelope Printer program has been released.  This update is a minor update adding Menus, Toolbar and File path information and minor program fixes.
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