We have released two separate versions of our Envelope Printer program


May 7, 2020 

Version 2.85 of Envelope Printer for US Domestic Mail Service

Version 2.85 updates to current USPS labeling standards and implements some specific formatting requirements.  However, you as the sender of the mail piece are still required to follow USPS labeling standards regarding street naming conventions, street directions, etc.

Version 2.50 - introduced the Standard and PRO versions. 

 Standard version is a single address-book, basic settings Envelope Printer software that will accomplish the task of printing #10 Envelopes fast and easy.  T

he PRO version allows for Multiple Address Books and the ability to change Return Address and To Address Fonts.  Each address-book in the PRO version is associated with a single return address.  PRO version licensing allows for installation on 3 computers, home, work and a laptop.

Current downloads are Version 2.85 Standard.  To upgrade to PRO visit the Dowload Page to purchase an activation code.  

Cost for the PRO Version is only $12.95

Past News

OCTOBER 18, 2012 UPDATE 2.10  US Domestic Mail service released

March 12, 2012 Envelope Print U.S. Domestic Version 2.00 has been released.

May 16, 2011: Version 1.85b is for printing U.S. Domestic Mail service envelopes.  While this program is meant to be used with #10 business type envelopes, it can be used for smaller envelopes by adjusting the print margins.

Version 1.70 is for printing Non-U.S. Domestic and International Mail service.  After our Envelope Print version 1.13 was reviewed in the Bangkok Post I received several request for changes related to mail meant for Non-U.S. mail systems.  While I originally tried to incorporate the changes into one program, it became evident that it would be more meaningful and useful to have two seperate programs. 

To review each program simply select the appropriate listing in the left sidebar.

You can download either program from our DOWNLOADS page.